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2015 Model Continuation High School

North Park High School was honored as a 2015 California Model Continuation School in San Francisco in May. This award is presented to outstanding continuation high schools. These model schools provide comprehensive services to at-risk youth through the use of exemplary instructional strategies, flexible scheduling, and guidance and counseling services. Model-2.png



Principals Message

     As we enter our 2014-2015 school year together, we will continue focus on maintaining a safe and orderly environment. Our continual  support of intervention and enrichment curricular provides our students with best practices which prepare them for all areas of academia success. Engaging them in complex reading and writing tasks that focus on 21st Century skills, prepares them for Senior Projects and College Entrance Exams.

Our teachers came back to school in early August to enhance their professional learning strategies focusing on Project Based Learning (PBL). These instructional approaches will continue to inspire our students to value  learning; think critically; and be creative.

This year we are implementing the Accelerated Reader (AR) Program to North Park. This program will help our teachers manage and monitor students independent reading practice. Students will be a able to pick a book at their reading level and encouraged to read at their own pace. After completion, they will be permitted to take a short quiz that provides results for both teacher and student to set reading goals while  still emphasizing comprehension.   

We also celebrated the Grand Opening of our New Auto Shop Program in early September. As our nations automotive industry is rapidly changes, we are so pleased to provide our students with the latest and greatest technology to adapt to those changing times. The new addition includes five bays with car lifts, tools and a variety of advanced automotive equipment to provide over 150 students classes in the beginning stages to advances.


English 12 Research Paper Guidelines & Parent/Student Handbooks

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One Hundred Fifty-Seven Graduates...Class of 2015!!!

About North Park High School



North Park Continuation High School (2013-2014) is located in the city of Baldwin Park in the San Gabriel Valley and is part of the Baldwin Park Unified School District.  The city of Baldwin Park is 6.63 square miles and has two comprehensive high schools and one continuation school for the 76,600 residents. Built in 2008, the campus is set along the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains on approximately three acres. The twenty classrooms include a state of the art automotive technology center, infant and toddler childcare classroom facilities, and administration building.  The school has fourteen certificated teaching staff, six California School Age Families Education (Cal-SAFE) teachers with degrees in early childhood education, fifteen classified support staff, one full-time and one part-time counseling staff, one assistant principal and a principal.  District support includes two speech language pathologist, school psychologist, technology technician, and school nurse.



Prospective students interested in attending NPHS must complete the required documentation for the Admissions & Transfers Committee to determine qualification of transfer to NPHS.  Parents and students are required to attend a New Student/Parent Orientation before starting at NPHS.  Administration welcomes new students and their parents to review the BPUSD academic and graduation expectations; policies, rules and regulations for the district; credit recovery opportunities; and the next steps on completing the transfer process from the comprehensive high school.

North Park also has community based partnerships with agencies that offer students and parents with resources for mental health services at no cost.  Both Hillsides Family Center and Kaiser Permanente, provide school based counseling by seven therapists, who serve not only teens but also, parenting and pregnant minors.  They have a location on the school premises allocated exclusively to their clients which offers confidential rooms for consultations.



The faculty, staff and administration have a dedicated and committed approach in supporting students to succeed academically.  Along with creating a wholesome atmosphere for all our students, we have several ways to guide our progress which include; Entry Level Assessments, Accelerated Reading, 4C’s (Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Creativity, and Community), and Project Based Learning.  We continue to focus on teaching and learning to address the gaps in achievement of our students through examining our roles in the leadership team, formative assessments, walkthroughs, and professional learning communities. We offer preparatory classes for students that have not passed one or both of the California High School Exit Exams (CAHSEE).  English Learner students also have support with developing their language skills with an ELD (English Language Development) class.  Parenting and/or pregnant students on campus are provided additional support from the Cal-SAFE Program, which operates a daycare for infants and toddlers.  Students are supported throughout their journey towards reaching their goals of earning a high school diploma.  With our small enrollment capacity, we are able to provide all students with an individualized case management approach to their educational program at North Park High School.




Students start off their enrollment at North Park Continuation High School with four class periods in either the morning or afternoon session.  All students have the opportunity to recover credits by earning an extended (eight period) day.  Extended day is earned after a student attends fifteen consecutive school days with perfect attendance without any tardiness or truancy from school.  The student can request from the attendance clerk or counselors a full day contract form which requires a signature from each of the students’ four current teachers, the parent and the student.  The full day contract states the conditions in which full day is earned and maintained.  Once the full day contract is submitted the student is given a new schedule with classes required for graduation. Earning extended day allows a student the opportunity to earn up to 120 credits in one school year 

NPHS students are awarded five full credits after 60 days of productive work and attendance in a class.  Partial credits are honored, awarded and recorded on the student transcript.  However, the two comprehensive high schools do not recognize partial credits if the student is eligible and chooses to transfer back to their home school.  Counselors make every effort to ensure that full credits are earned and awarded if time allows, if not the student will be required to complete the full five credits back at the comprehensive school









Expected School Wide Learning Results (ESLR's)


 Be academically prepared to succeed in life.

Be ready for the world of work.

Read and comprehend material in all subjects

Demonstrate good attendance patterns (regular and punctual)

Demonstrate knowledge in different contents

Know the steps of the job search process

Apply algebra and geometry skills to solve problems

Possess a diploma and/or vocational certificate

Express oneself clearly and effectively

Build rapport with and have respect for authority


Work well with others

Be independently productive. Be a responsible member of society.

Manage time wisely and effectively

Take responsibility for actions

Possess resiliency skills

Make wise decisions

Set goals and be able to monitor progress on them

Be an informed, productive, and ethical member of society

Motivate oneself to initiate and complete task Understand the value of the law

Make healthy choices through diet and fitness

Today: 7/29/15
Mission and Vision Statement

2015 California Model Continuation Award Presentation in San Francisco